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Wood pellet delivery PAHow often have you seen the oil or propane delivery person in your travels or delivering to your house; plenty of times; right?  It’s a normal thing and it has been boiled down to a near perfect system. With all the recent advances in pellet stoves you would think pellet fuel delivery would come naturally; but it has not. Nearly 2/3 of people who use wood pellets to heat their homes travel to the store to buy their fuel. The remaining 1/3 have it delivered which means there is a lot of catching up to do in comparison to other types of fuel delivery.

Direct delivery of wood pellets is an alternative to assuring an uninterrupted supply of fuel to your residence or commercial location; you don’t have to hunt around for an alternate source of fuel when your preferred dealer runs out. Availability is never an issue! Pellet fuel comes directly from the manufacturer or a warehouse.  Pellet fuel can sit for long periods of time exposed to the weather in a retailers yard outside. Not the case with Direct delivery!

 Presently direct delivery is accomplished by a tractor & flatbed trailer or a straight truck with a forklift attached to the back. The truck unloads the 1 ton pallets and places them in the driveway close to the house or someplace else that is accessible on the property.

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